30 Jun 2020 - 2 Jul 2020 | Lille, France
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30 Jun 2020 - 2 Jul 2020
Lille, France

Dunkirk at the forefront of biofuels from biomass !

The Bioket 2020 conference provides a unique opportunity to put the focus on the latest biomass to fuel developments in Dunkirk. Dunkirk is a urban conurbation with about 200.000 inhabitants. The Port of Dunkirk is the 3rd port of France and the cornerstone of the local economic development. Dunkirk is an industrial platform that is pioneering transition and is one of the French Government’s call for tenders Territoires d’innovation (Innovating Territories), a national scheme to promote a more sustainable economic development.

Among the industries present on the port, we will focus the visit on two companies :

  • BioTfueL : A very promising initiative launched in 2014 by a consortium leaded by Total to transform lignocellulosic biomass (straw, forest waste, dedicated energy crops) into biodiesel and bio-jet fuel via thermochemical conversion.

More info: BioTfueL

  • Daudruy Vancauwenberghe & Sons Group One of the Oldest companies of the Dunkirk area, where we will focus on its production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil by Nord-Ester its subsidiary since 2006.

More info: Nord-Ester or Daudruy Vancauwenberghe.