30 Jun 2020 - 2 Jul 2020 | Lille, France
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30 Jun 2020 - 2 Jul 2020
Lille, France


The workshop will take place on the afternoon of July 2 2020 (14h - 17h). You can assist to the workshop for free.
Registration to attend a worskshop is mandatory.

Phenolic acids: from research to market

How to effectively address challenges of cost competitiveness and scale-up in plant-based chemistry?

Plant-based chemistry is a strategic sector of the European bioeconomy through addressing solutions to the economic and environmental challenges faced by the chemical industry. Among the different segments, the (poly)phenols market has grown significantly in the last twenty years and analysts estimate that this trend will continue to grow in the coming years, especially with the demand for “green chemistry”. Phenolic acids, a diversified family with very proven antioxidant properties have in particular attracted considerable attention over the last two decades.
The Carnot 3BCAR network (https://3bcar.fr/en/) invites you to a half-day update of the innovation potential of these molecules through a study case of ferulic acid (3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenyl prop-2-eonic acid), a phenolic acid having a consolidated market position with a growth rate stimulated by its diverse applications of significant growth potential: food and beverages industry (flavours, antioxidants), pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry (skin creams, sunscreens)…
The workshop will bring together experts from industry and academia with the aim of identifying future technological and scientific priorities to effectively address challenges of cost competitiveness and scale up of ferulic and other small phenolic molecules.

Phenolic acid: from research to market

14h00: Welcome and introduction by the Carnot 3BCAR network
14h10 : Talks: Overview on phenolic acids properties, applications and promising trends
Florent ALLAIS, Director & Professor of Green ChemistryURD ABI - AgroParisTech
Luc SAULNIER , INRAE division of Science for Food, Bioproducts and Waste Engineering
14h50: Round table: Ferulic acid case study:
1) Market pull vs tech push?
2) European sourcing to fulfill domestic market demand?
Sébastien CAJOT, Manager of the Food Technologies - Extraction Department, CELABOR
Florence LUTIN, Scientific Director, EURODIA INDUSTRIE
Stephan VERDIER, R&D Director, SOLVAY Aroma Performance GBU
Régis MARCHAND, Open Innovation & Sustainable Innovation Manager, SEPPIC - Air Liquide Healthcare Specialty Ingredients
Elise ODINOT – Technical manager, Oléoinnov
16h45: Concluding remarks
Workshop co-chaired by
Hélène ROUX-de BALMANN, Senior Scientist, Laboratoire de Génie Chimique, CNRS Université de Toulouse ;
Jacky VANDEPUTTE, Scientific Director, IAR
Diana GARCIA-BERNET, Research Engineeer, TRANSFORM, INRAE division of Science for Food, Bioproducts and Waste Engineering

About INRAE & Carnot 3BCAR

INRAE: Born January 1, 2020 from the merger of INRA and IRSTEA, INRAE is France's new National Institute for Research on Agriculture, Food and the Environment. This new community of more than 10,000 people is dedicated to carrying out research in Agriculture, Food & the Environment in France and abroad.

3BCAR Carnot Institute mobilizes two key levers for Bioeconomy emergence: Biotechnologies and Green chemistry; gathering multidisciplinary approaches from biomass production, biorefinery until functional properties. Circular economy is considered by waste and byproducts valorization, cascading uses and eco-design.

[1] CAGR 2019-2025: 6.7% https://www.gminsights.com/