10 Mar 2020 - 12 Mar 2020 | Lille, France
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10 Mar 2020 - 12 Mar 2020
Lille, France


BIOKET’s scientific committee invites authors to contribute with original papers covering the here below mentioned topics for presentation at the congress. Papers accepted for oral presentation will be given 20 minutes presentation time.

BIOKET main’s topic:

  • Advanced and innovative biomass pretreatment – Physical and thermochemical pretreatment – Densification - Fractionation
  • Technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization
  • Extraction, separation and purification of biomass
  • Process modelisation and analytical methods and tools - in situ characterization technics 
  • Innovative tools: Enzymatic and metabolic engineering, synthetic biology and bionanotechnology 
  • Design of bioprocesses, advanced fermentation

Topics & technologies that are particularly targeted:


  • IT, big data, informatics implementation for Biotech Processes
  • Adaptation of fermentation processes to New Feedstocks (waste, gaseous etc..), culture media optimization
  • Bioreactors of the Future
  • Novel Downstream processes (membranes, distillation…) 
  • Synthetic biology improvements (high throughput screening, robust microbial strains construction) 
  • Electrofermentation 
  • Bioinspired processes


  • Novel lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment/fractionation
  • Valorization/extraction/processing of non-cellulose carbohydrate fractions of biomass technologies
  • New advances in production processes (continuous process, microreactors, In Lines monitoring…)
  • Novel catalysis: enzymatic, chemical and hybrid
  • Electrochemistry
  • Radiation chemistry

Download the instructions: Call for paper

Abstracts must be sent by SEPTEMBER 30th 2019 - midnight CET to Johan De Coninck: deconink@iar-pole.com

By submitting an abstract, you agree to make yourself available for a presentation anytime during the conference from March 10th to 12th, 2020.